This is high time for preparation  for examinations. This is the time full of confusion , fear  like –

1.should I prepare for my boards exams only ?

2. How can I prepare simultaneously for  my competitive exams ?

The intense  pressure on students mind can divert him from studies or this chaos drag him towards low grade performance.

Don’t get panic . Remember –

“In difficult situation don’t cry but try”

Follow these simple steps –

1. Try to find your weak & strong areas in studies.

2. Daily, prepare content wise time table for next day. You should give 45 mint at least for the revision of your strong topics & minimum 1:30 hr.  for  your weak topics.

3. Don’t ignore  any important subject . At least two of your important subjects should be covered daily .

4. Also try to study in night , because at that time no disturbance is there & concentration is on its   peak.

5. Student Should opt for regular tests  , in their  weak subject .This will help in built up of your confidence.

6.Try to eat vegetable salad  more & more this increase concentration & removes lazyness.

7.Regular revision is must for all subjects.

8. Last but not least , Never get overconfident in studies. Never think that you know complete about a subject but keep on trying for learning new things.


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