(a) More number of friends of your ward can mislead or divert   your ward  from studies to other activities ,because more the number of heads , more will be the brains , more will be the thoughts , more will be the wastage of  time  & more will be the diversion from aim  . Only 1 – 2 friend may be helpful for healthy discussion & fruitful growth but that too under your  sharp  observations.

(b) Mobile phone can divert  your ward from studies & can lead to wastage of time .

Give mobile phone ( if cann’t be avoided )  to your ward when he / she requires i.e. when he/she is going out , but get  mobile phone back as soon as they return .

(c) Regular Interaction of parent & teacher  & that of  parent & child is must in order to check the progress of  their ward .A healthy interaction with child always motivate him in achieving his / her goal .

(d) Always keep a check on the outgoing time of your ward . He / she can waste his / her time in wasteful  interactions with others.

(e) Appreciate your child but don’t get over confident & don’t have blind faith in his / her .

(f) A child may not  be much career conscious as  a PARENT  & a TEACHER used to be, so plan care fully for your ward –

“ EFFECTIVE PLANNING  is not only your duty but it is also an investment for your child future “

(g) EXPERTS suggest following hrs. of self studies for various preparations –

(i) For IIT & PMT – at least 10 to 12 hrs. of intensive self study .

(ii) For AIEEE   – at least 8 to 10 hrs. of intensive self study .

(iii) For  Board & other examinations minimum 5 to 6 hrs of intensive self study.


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