CBSE – Class – X – CCE Scheme

Education has to ensure holistic development of all aspects of the personality of a student. Schools have focused on Scholastic Areas and marks too long and ignored Life Skills, Values, Attitudes, Performance and Participation of students. The result has been a crisis of character and conscience.

Evaluation is integral to teaching learning and has to help in both the processes.Students need to be assessed continuously in a stress free environment and feedback given to students and parents.

Teachers have to assess their own teaching and the students learning and diagnose the deficiencies and organize remediation. This is assessment for learning and is done through Formative Assessments, twice in each term; four times in a year. Assessment of learning is done twice a year, at the end of each semester and is called Summative assessment. CBSE has stipulated Course content for each SA and Question Papers with Marking Schemes are sent to Schools. For FA’s teachers are required to use various tools & techniques like: Projects, Assignments, Quiz, Laboratory Work in Math & Science, Discussion, Survey, Presentations and an occasional paper pencil test.
Thus a year has Two Terms: April to Sept. and Oct. to March. Each Term has Two FA’s and an SA at the end of the Term. Hence during the year there are Four FA’s and Two SA’s. The weight age of each FA is 10% and SA is 30% from 2011 Class IX. In 2012 Class X, it is Sa-1 20% and SA-2 40%.

CBSE has thus moved over to School Based Evaluation and made evaluation continuous. Schools that are 10+2 Schools have to conduct internal SA-2 for all students; except those who intend to change the Board after Class X and make a request for the same in writing, well in advance in Oct.

The SA-2 held at School-internal- or held by CBSE-external- are both conducted on the same Syllabus. Question papers & Marking Scheme are provided by CBSE in both the cases. Evaluation is done at the School in internal and by the Board in external; as per the Marking Scheme; checked and moderated, where required by CBSE in both the cases.

Schools are required to send Grades for the remaining 60% evaluation already conducted by the School to CBSE, in both the cases. CBSE tabulates and declares the Results. There is no pass or fail.

The Certificates of all students-internal or external are issued by the CBSE and have no difference. The Certificate does not make any mention of SA-2 as external or internal. Students of 10+2 Schools move normally from X to XI and the students face only one external examination at the end of schooling at XII.