HOW TO PREPARE FOR IIT-JEE & AIPMT ….when you have only few days???

  1. Work more : We know you have been practicing a lot , but yes you will need practice little more and concentrate on basic concepts and revising the difficult problems.
  2. Undergo Simulated tests for IIT-JEE through test series:    Take some time limited tests to simulate IIT JEE, this will make you more comfortable on the exam day.Make sure you give two such time limited exams everyday.
  3. Have 5 hr sleep in night & 1 – 2 hr in noon.
  4. Watch some good comedy or listen good song.
  5. Be Confident : Confidence is the key ingredient of all the good rankers in any exam, so be confident. Don’t study any new topics as this might damage your self-confidence but revisit all the topics you already have studied.
  6. For INORGANIC prepare short notes through NCERT.
  7. For ORGANIC CHEMISTRY – Prepare mechanisms & GOC thoroughly  . Also work on NCERT.
Remember that this is just another examination and is not a life and death test. Just keep your chill and you will do well.