Relations !!! in a family & at work place …whose responsibility ???

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Is it important that someone else care for you? Can’t you take care of yourself?

That is why relations are there. We all know ..”अकेले आये हैं , अकेले जाना है “…
If life is a plant then ‪#‎relations‬ are its nourishment . Every Mineral is important for proper growth and functioning of living system , in the same manner every relation has its own importance for a peaceful and glorious life.
हर एक रिश्ता जरूरी होता है। …
So why we forget to maintain cool relationships in our family and our work place?

Relations In Family
If some body can live alone…. it does not mean you let them live in isolation. Be with them , cheer them up , show them they have a nice place in your life.

It is the era of low tolerance , no restrictions & demand of luxury with no realization of duties .
“अधिकार की बात सब करते हैं लेकिन कर्तव्य एवं उतर्दायित्वों की बात कोई नहीं करता”
Everyone talks about their rights and never about their duties .
If we understand our duties , rights will be awarded automatically .
In our family most of the issues are due to the need of dominance in the‪#‎family‬ , possessions & ‪#‎money‬ etc.
दिल से नाज़ुक नही दुनिया में कोई चीज साहब..लफ्ज़ का वार भी खंजर की तरह लगता हैं ..

Friends life is to live and if you allow others to live , you will enjoy‪#‎beautiful‬ life .
जिन्दगी अगर आप औरों को जीने देंगे , आप एक ख़ूबसूरत जीवन को जीयेंगे .
A family can be nourished only when , if you respect the space of others .
Give space to each other , Give smile to each other , it will always multiply happiness & bond among the members.
Every relationship is special , we must do something constantly special to make it special , devote quality time with family members.
What is wrong or inappropriate ?
Ans – Any thing which is not according to your ‪#‎wish‬ or against your wish is definitely WRONG.

…Give space to other’s wishes too , instead of expanding your expectations .

A contended person always ready to make STRONG BONDS.

At workplace , respect other’s position .

Relations at work place
Salary never underestimates other’s worth or allow other to dominate .
Remember –
You never work for other , but you work with each other .
आप किसी के इशारों पर नहीं . बल्की एक दूसरे के साथ , एक दूसरे की उन्नती के लिये कार्य करते हैं.
Respect each other.
At last I would like to suggest –
“Wanna peace , create peace .
शांती चहते हैं तो शांत रहिये। .
“Wanna respect , give respect ”
सम्मान देने से सम्मान बढ़ता है।
“Wanna earn money , create resources for other’s too ”
सम्पत्ति चाहते हैं तो दूसरों को सम्मपन् कीजिये ।
“सम्मान दीजिये , न की समाप्त करने की इच्छा रखिये”

ख़ुद से सवाल कीजिये –
1.What exactly is the meaning of ‪#‎relationship‬ ?
2.How will I be able to bring smile on the face of my family member ?
3.Am I justifying my position in my ‪#‎surroundings‬?
4.Are you trying to dominating others?
5.Do you know your potential exactly ?
6.Are you working for ‪#‎development‬ ? Blog

Important – Friends waiting for your Precious comments …

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”#relations‪#‎pradeepsharma‬ # life coach ‪#‎sonipat‬ #family ‪#‎Boss‬ ‪#‎PICS‬ ‪#‎INSTITUTE‬

Parenting …A serious issue !!!

Child is the reflection of his parents .It is the genetic material which transfer parent’s trait to their child .
This is a scientific definition. But now a days we see children are very much different from their parents. Parents face lots of anxiety now a days …. due to behaviour of their children . They often used to say that
(a) child is too moody (b) child is not doing well in studies (c) child is hyper in his behaviour …..
In other words we can say parents feel that child is not up to their expectations.
Child in itself is a complete human . He absorb all the things which he observe around him. What ever parents serve , knowingly or unknowingly , he or she is always influenced by those behaviour .
Relation between parents affect the relation of child with society .
Arguments among parents affect psychology of children . He become less creative , less responsible and more stubborn.
One case to share here – A couple along with their 15 year kid came to me regarding his selection of stream in class 11th . Very affluent family . Kid wants to know about future prospect of each stream , but father constantly saying – औ लड़के , no tension …चाहे कुछ मत कर मैं हूँ ना …बहुत पैसा है अपने पास !!!
I was surprised by seeing the way how the father was behaving .
I asked him ….आप कब तक हैं , आपका पैसा कब तक है …
My words strikes straight on his mind …he become speechless.
Parenting means to make your kid aware of future challenges , never make them handicap by saying that “why you fear when I am here” , instead make them capable of conquering every fear .
Take care of following points –
1. Love your child as much as you can , but also make them understand that world will not love them in same way as his parents.
2.Educate them in a proper way , because you are not living forever with them .
3. Never show overflow of money for them , money will always drag them back.
4. Never argue in front of them , it can badly hurt their psychology .
5.Never underestimate their imagination . If you use some low words against any one , they will also use them.
6.Never share your ego with them , make them humble and powerful .
7.Show them how to keep everyone together . Avoid separatism in front of them .

Rights through Riots 

  “Rights through Riots “Transporter strike …. Strike ….strike only strike …. 

This is democracy ….everybody has rights to go on strike .

Every one wants his/her rights through riots .

Nobody wants to perform his/her duties …. No concern with the sufferings of others …. No concern with public properties … Only strike …. Strike ….and strikes.
Government on the other hand leaves the country in the hands of these strikers …. Remember …

.”सही फ़ैसल भी ग़लत साबित हो जाता है , अगर सही वक़्त पर ना लिया जाये ”
A young boy from Gujarat ,who is under age for such activity boldly announced dandi March .Because no one is going to take responsibility of other’s suffering .Neither government and administration is in hurry to fix responsibility of such act. 

This is only due to the inefficient education system of our country . Government made policy , not to fail a student till class 8th. Till the age of 14 year we all know a child learn most of the essential emotions of life and use them for his entire life . 

Our education system is not producing fighters , fighters of situations , this system is producing gainers only . Emotionally unstable children , who can’t analyse situation in his/her own ways. They are always dependent on other views , they are sailed by wind not by their attitude. 

Subsidies is good but , only where it is needed. In medicines govt is not doing much for life saving medicines , but subsidise electricity even for those who never deserve it. 

These political game are making robots in our country , which are directed by lucrative offers by others.

“Strike shouldn’t strike other people, it should strike only bad policies ”