Odd and even …..sufficient for Delhi!!!???

Delhi …Odd or even …sufficient !!!???
We all know very well that as the environment as we are .

If it is polluted , we are .

If it is vanished , we are .

In order to have comfortable life , first step is to make our environment smooth and pure .

What we need to do ?…

I appreciate even the single and small step towards reducing the pollution , but I welcome those steps which are more practical than theoretical . 

DELHI Govt. took initiative by taking decisions like , no car day … I appreciate it. It is good for our cardiac system too .

Also they are thinking in the direction towards alternate day vehicle mode . 

Theoretically it sounds good , but practically it is difficult to implement successfully. It has its own limitations like –

1.Misbehaving elements of society in buses and metros .

2.Spreading of diseases like swine flue rapidly , due to rush in public place .

3.Increase in unhygienic conditions.

4.Every institution demand daily attendance and not alternate day attendance etc.

This system has lots of short comings . It is true we learn by doing , but in the same time we also can learn by thinking too.

Instead I would like to suggest some to govt. of Delhi –

1. Make toll barriers for outsiders .

2. Traffic is due to offices and schools . Shift School , offices and markets at outside Delhi.

3.Use Smoke catchers and smoke chimneys at red lights.

4.Issuing of NON POLLUTION certificate , should be checked.

5.More and More no car days.

6.Try to discourage the habit of “One man , driving one vehicle “.

7.Increase battery powered vehicles as cab in city .

8. Develop more and more no red light routes in city . Red light is one of the major reason for heavy pollution.

“सिर्फ़ सोचनेऔर चाहने से जहाँ नहीं बदलता ..

 वहाँ तक तो साथ चलो जहाँ तक साथ मुमकिन है

जहाँ हालात बदलेंगे ख़बर तुम्हें अपने आप लग ही जाएगी”


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