How to prepare for exams ? …Reduce your exam Anxiety!!!!

#worrying for your exams ? 


Worrying never provide solutions, but working provide solutions .

These are the #exams days , and if you worry that  only few days are left … You are not able to prepare … Having fast heart beat …..bad dreams……#fearofexam syndrome .

Dear Students here i am providing few tips 

1. Don’t think in terms of days , but think in terms of hours i.e. One day = 24 hours.

2. Start preparing from easiest portion , it will boost up your confidence .

3.have 6 hr of sleep ( 5 hr in night and 1 hr in a day ) , for good working condition of your mind.

4. Eat more and more raw food , like salad etc.

5. Listen less music . It slows down your speed of studies by relaxing it . You need a alert and working mind .

6.Reduce frequency of interactions with other friends . Save your time and energy for exam preprations.

7.Try to solve few sample papers.

8.Take help of subject expert for recognising most frequently asked portion of topic.

Always remember-

“Prepare according to #examiner point of view not from #student point of view”.

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