PICS INSTITUTE provide video Lectures as V-LEARNING . Students of Our institute can use graphical video lectures as well as Real time video lectures for retention of subject knowledge.

Students can join our You tube channel – pics4iit , for video lectures.       

Real time videos are only available at institute.

Link of our you tube page –

Few lectures are –

1. States of Matter ( Class – XI) –

2. Empirical & Molecular formula (XI) –

3. Surface chemistry (XII) –

4. Electrochemistry  (XII) –

5.Video lecture on Bondlength & Bond energy – Chemical bonding .

6.Video lecture on Therodynamics

7. Real time video lecture on Nomenclature Part – 1 – image

#video #lecture covering “General Principles of #Extraction ” for class XII on our you tube channel “pics4iit”.


pics page


8 responses to “FREE VIDEO LECTURE

  1. I considered early mrnin tutnz …a mere burden n a waste of tym bt sir u chnged my perspective …n every mrnin i wake up nw…i think bout learning smething damn intresting n solving d numericalz super fast …so dat i may win ur blessingz….chem hs bcome a fun subject 4 meh nw…all thnx to d institute…!:))

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