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How to prepare chemistry for examination

Students this is exam time , don’t get panic , be prepared for a glorious performance towards brightest future .

This is the time which required a programmed approach for learning .

Here I am providing stepwise method for learning chemistry for examination .

First of all make your schedule in exam friendly manner and not student friendly manner . Your schedule should involve 2.5 hours at least for each subject . This 2.5 hr must be divided in two steps 2 hrs for fresh learning and 0.5 hr for revision .

For chemistry learn those chapters which are easy first .

CHAPTER wise Pattern

Class XII students can revise in following pattern –

1. Polymers

2. Chemistry in every day life

3. D and F block elements

4. Coordination compounds .

5.solid state

6. Solutions

7. Electro chemistry

8. Chemical kinetics

9. Halo alkane and Halo arenens

10. Alcohol , phenol and ether

11. Carboxylic acid

12. Amines , diazinium salt

13. Aldehydes and ketones

14 . Bio molecules

15. General principle of Extraction

16. P-block elements .

                                                    Note – try to follow the above mentioned sequence .

Chapter wise content 

Link for video lecture –


Definition –   Pseudo solids , pezeoelectricity , pyrroelectricity , Ferro electricity , Paramagnetic substance , Ferro magnetic substance , Antifeeromagnetism , ferimegnetism  And imperfection .

Numerical – Only based upon density .


Definitions– 1. Molality 2.demality 3.raoults law 4. Ideal and non ideal solution 5. Zeotropic mixture 6. Azeotropic mixture 7. Isotonic solution 8. Anti phrasing mixture 9. De icing agent 10. Coolest 11. Crenation 12. Reverse osmosis

Numerical – (1) Depression in freezing point (2) Osmotic pressure (3) Vant Hoff’s factor


Definition – 1. Specific conductivity 2. Molar conductivity 3. Equivalent conductivity 4. Kholrach’s law 5. Faraday’s law 6. Standard Hydrogen electrode 7.Fuel cell and its reaction

8.Cathodic protection

Numerical – 1.Nernst equation 2. Numerical on free energy change


Definitions – (a) Specific reaction rate (b) Order of reaction (c) Molecularity (d) Threshold energy (e) Activation energy (f) Rate of reaction .

Numerical – (a) Integrated rate law expression (b) Relation between t 90% & t 99.9% etc. (c) Arrehnious equation 

Note – Soon will publish important part for (a) Inorganic chemistry (b) Organic chemistry