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How to prepare for government Job?

Govt. Job was a dream for many for many years. Present scenario of recession also pushes many for government jobs. But the big question in from of Today youth is how to get government job ?

It is not a difficult one since most of the jobs are exmas based & are conducted by SSC , UPSC , Banks , Govt. Institutes etc.

You must be first of all clear in your goals that you want to do a govt. job . The main limitation is that they are transferable . If you want a job with responsibility , you are ready to explore india then you are fit for govt. job .

Good govt job requires minimum 12th as a qualification . As the minimum qualification bar increases status of job increases.

Start Preparing English , Hindi , Reasoning  , General Maths & GK at 10th level. Read all the NCERT books many time from Class 6th to 10th , Social studies book Specially .

Try to learn short tricks to solve reasoning questions , Lots of website offer such short tricks.

thus preparation is enough for govt. job , Keep solving lots of previous year papers.

Now as Opening announced for a govt. job , You are most suitable candidate .

Mock test – Free for all .

Dear students you can register for mock test by WhatsApp number send your name class and address on the WhatsApp number 8901076267. Once you will get register see the videos on YouTube channel for effective preparations of mock test .Details will be sent on your Whatsapp number.

. Remember this test is open for all and it is totally free. student can appear in this test.