Tips for NEET exam !

Students take care followings while going for NEET – 

What to prepare from CHEMISTRY for NEET & JEE !


How to get success ?

Success is hard to define , nobody can ever understand it’s true law ….every successful person has different story to tell… And always a question persist – how can I get success ?…I personally

 has my own limitations….can’t give you a formula of success …but from the whatever experience I possess I can surely say .. My own Hypothesis – 

“Managing every second of your time , we can manage our success ”

…”Time management is directly proportional to success ” 


Why to study ?

Problem discussed with a student-3
Question -Sir, I know I am not studying , what to do?
Reply-This situation is again one of the common problem of large number of students.
Dear student always remember –
“Motivation is the fuel of hard work.”
You have courage to do hard work, ample time …. But you may not have that single reason , why to do studies?
You may have lots of excuses , but you need that one particular motivated reason …why not to study ?
Driving force for the work may be any of followings –
1. Hunger of success.
2. Dream of bright future
3. Demand of time
4. Gratitude towards your parents.
5.To impress someone .
Dear students, select the one reason which suits you most , which does not allow you to sleep . And work for that .

Chemistry phobia ?

I recently encountered with a student who is suffering from severe chemistry phobia. She is otherwise quite intelligent in chemistry but still afraid of chemistry . I had discussion with her for some time and got following observations.
1. She knows all the basics of chemistry .
2. She answered all the questions successfully .
3. She has good command over Physics and biology .
Conclusion is that she is quite good in chemistry but suffering from unseen phobia of chemistry .
(A)What can be the remedy ? ….
(B)Is there any medicine available ?..

You all can understand this is simply hesitation towards subject and phobia created by others in the life of this brilliant girl .
I told her first of all –
1. Daily write 20 times that … I have no fear of chemistry .
2. Try to change study pattern, Time table management .
3. I also prescribe her to join some …Test series …to enhance her confidence.
“Because little success can do miracle”.





Admission Announcement for the session 2014 – 2015 .
Offering Batches for –


CRASH COURSE – 1 – month duration for JEE – 2014 & AIPMT – 2014 . Strating from 25th March 2014.


IIT-JEE | AIPMT  – 2015 – 1 year course for class XII students & Droppers. Starting from 20th March 2014.


IIT-JEE | AIPMT  – 2016 – 2 year course for class XI  students & Droppers. Starting from 1st April March 2014.


FOUNDATION COURSE – For class X students , by considering IIT-JEE | AIPMT – 2017.

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