Chemistry phobia ?

I recently encountered with a student who is suffering from severe chemistry phobia. She is otherwise quite intelligent in chemistry but still afraid of chemistry . I had discussion with her for some time and got following observations.
1. She knows all the basics of chemistry .
2. She answered all the questions successfully .
3. She has good command over Physics and biology .
Conclusion is that she is quite good in chemistry but suffering from unseen phobia of chemistry .
(A)What can be the remedy ? ….
(B)Is there any medicine available ?..

You all can understand this is simply hesitation towards subject and phobia created by others in the life of this brilliant girl .
I told her first of all –
1. Daily write 20 times that … I have no fear of chemistry .
2. Try to change study pattern, Time table management .
3. I also prescribe her to join some …Test series …to enhance her confidence.
“Because little success can do miracle”.