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Education – innovation or invention ?

In today’s world it is the need to be more innovative than only being inventive . We wanna our education system to be more user friendly , than being much informative.
It does not matter how much you know in education , but it matters how effectively you can deliver .
Most of the time intelligent people can’t be good teacher but flexible person having innovative approach can be good teacher .
If a person talks only about money and not for new ideas for education , he can never be a good teacher .
First a person should have attitude of educating others .
Recently a meet with a young teacher , full of enthusiasm , but little money minded nature . I can clearly saw the thirst inside him for success , but his attitude can sustain him in the field of education but can’t make him Wonderfull teacher .
“How and what you speaks decide your destiny ”
Education is connected with personal as well as development of society . It should be distributed by heart and not by greed .
Beauty of education , is in making others life meaningful .
If we do any thing for the benefit of society , we sure get same back .
Malala is the example . She work for education , for girls right of education . She has been served by glorious Noble prize .
“Do good get good ”
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Is it good for students to prepare for IIT-JEE and NEET from 9th and 10th class ?

Now a days I am very closely observing such students who are forced to do study 1-2 step ahead than their actual level .
Results are not as expected .
Few questions arise –
(A) can it be helpful to start preparing for JEE and PMT at 9th level?
(B) what type of strategies should a student follow for better results ?
(C) What my friends say , if I not force my child for JEE at 9th level ?

In my views – it is the utmost duty of parents to follow child oriented parenting and not the disable parenting .
Decision for our child should be for the development of our child and not for satisfying our ego.
All kids are not meant for JEE and PMT.
There are large number of options other than engineering and medical branch.
9th and 10 classes should be used for laying strong foundations , by encouraging students for NTSE and KVPY . This will develop a sense of competitiveness among a child .
“One step ahead ” method is good I.e. In 9th along with 9th class syllabus a student can effectively prepare 10 class syllabus. In this manner he can step up without loosing pace and his interest in studies .
Long jumps at 9th and 10 level can be disastrous.
I request all the parents to guide you child according to his/ her capabilities and not for satisfying your ego.
Always remember- “step by step you gone ahead and come some very fast “.

Why to study ?

Problem discussed with a student-3
Question -Sir, I know I am not studying , what to do?
Reply-This situation is again one of the common problem of large number of students.
Dear student always remember –
“Motivation is the fuel of hard work.”
You have courage to do hard work, ample time …. But you may not have that single reason , why to do studies?
You may have lots of excuses , but you need that one particular motivated reason …why not to study ?
Driving force for the work may be any of followings –
1. Hunger of success.
2. Dream of bright future
3. Demand of time
4. Gratitude towards your parents.
5.To impress someone .
Dear students, select the one reason which suits you most , which does not allow you to sleep . And work for that .