Time management for student a common problem ?

Yesterday I got another discussion regarding time management with a student .
Parents are expecting 90% and NDA admission , but child has deficiency of time .
I at last conclude-
Dear students first of all decide your target , why you wanna study ….example …you wanna study for IIT or medical….or it may be for your parents … Or it may be for any other reason …
First of all decide what that single reason for which you want to study .
Now remember each and every person in this world has 24 hrs. daily…it may be US president or may be any other ordinary person.
Now divide your study hours in such a way , so that you can devote your time for at least three subjects daily.
For each subject 70% of the time should be given to current topic and 30% time to any other previous topic for revision.
Try to increase your study time per session.
Revision is an essential part of studies , maintain it regularly.
Try to appear for small tests of each subject on alternate day.
Remember …” Step by step you gone ahead and come soon very fast”…