Education – innovation or invention ?

In today’s world it is the need to be more innovative than only being inventive . We wanna our education system to be more user friendly , than being much informative.
It does not matter how much you know in education , but it matters how effectively you can deliver .
Most of the time intelligent people can’t be good teacher but flexible person having innovative approach can be good teacher .
If a person talks only about money and not for new ideas for education , he can never be a good teacher .
First a person should have attitude of educating others .
Recently a meet with a young teacher , full of enthusiasm , but little money minded nature . I can clearly saw the thirst inside him for success , but his attitude can sustain him in the field of education but can’t make him Wonderfull teacher .
“How and what you speaks decide your destiny ”
Education is connected with personal as well as development of society . It should be distributed by heart and not by greed .
Beauty of education , is in making others life meaningful .
If we do any thing for the benefit of society , we sure get same back .
Malala is the example . She work for education , for girls right of education . She has been served by glorious Noble prize .
“Do good get good ”
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For now c u Guys .