Time to change ?

Science student should be educated by giving some target based study … That may be some question answer based project or may be any other .

Transformation always takes place …you allow or not allow …it never waits .

Time has unique property of being dynamic ..

Education in the same manner will transform it self ….it is better to give it a constructive direction .

School leaders should encourage teachers to use technology in education ? But question arise –

How can school leaders support and encourage teachers reluctant to embrace technology?


Education or literate?

This education system is creating literate and not educated citizens . I am not saying that student should be categorised as pass or fail , but their should be an arrangement of detention till the level a child attain . I am presently facing few students which under their parents pressure , studying science , they may be better in other stream … But the social pressure is causing harm to our system ..

CRASH Course-2015 – MARCH Announcement

PICS INSTITUTE is  announcing registration open for 1- month intensive coaching for IIT-JEE , NEET & NDA Р2015.

Crash course will start from = 19-march – 2015

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Open text based assessment (OTBA) , another missile for education ?

So called the bosses of education always try to make education more unrealistic .
Previously CBSE decides to introduce SA and FA system , which is a fatal system for education . I saw lots of students with low efficiency due to this system .
How can Government introduce this system upto class 10 level , when our competitive exams like IIT-JEE , NEET , NDA etc involve syllabus of full two years in each subject ?
The previous SA and FA system decreases the efficiency of our students .
Now Big Bosses of education trying to implement OTBA( open text based assessment ) , another disaster for education . This will totally make our student handicapped from memory point of view. Their mode of work will change and they will always search for helping material .
Our entrance exams are not open text based . How we can think about generating genius students ? Instead we get Parasitic one .
Education policies should be made by taking views of those who are in direct contact of education and not by only psychologists or policies maker , who are far away from ground realities .