Dear students Of Class XII ,

Offline JOINT Engineering Entrance Exam – 1 – Equivalent to Previous AIEEE will be held on 7th April 2013.

It means No time after XII board exams for preparation of  Engineering Entrance .

So My dear students work Timely On this issue . It is for your future . In this Era Only quality Engineers can get Better Destination.

Further 40 to 50%  weightage   will be given to class XII Board exams ( not for your school Unit tests).

So students work on following points –

(a) How to get maximum marks in class – XII ?

(b) How will you prepare for Joint Entrance Examination on  7- April  – 2012?

(When last CBSE board exam will be around 26th March.)

(c) Do you need to prepare Early for the Competitive exmas. ?

(d) Your Board Exams preparations are up to mark ?

“Only Right Decision  at Right Time can take you a PERFECT  DESINATION”




The February Month is dedicated for the Development and welfare of students. Pics Institute is Organising a Month long programme for the PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT of Students. The Month will observe following activities….

(a)PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMME – FOR CLASS XIO & XII . – This consist of Organised & programmed preparations for coming BOARD & School examinations. The Students will prepare  Under the guidance of Most Efficient Experts for their Exams.

(b) Pre BOARD Test – For CLASS XII – This involve three test for class XII students. This will help Students for their revision and evaluation among other excellent students of their city.

(c) Admission cum Scholarship test for coming CRASH COURSE for AIEEE , IPU , UP tech , HPMT exams etc. Top 10 students will get 20 to 40 % scholarship , depending upon their performance.