Dear students Of Class XII ,

Offline JOINT Engineering Entrance Exam – 1 – Equivalent to Previous AIEEE will be held on 7th April 2013.

It means No time after XII board exams for preparation of  Engineering Entrance .

So My dear students work Timely On this issue . It is for your future . In this Era Only quality Engineers can get Better Destination.

Further 40 to 50%  weightage   will be given to class XII Board exams ( not for your school Unit tests).

So students work on following points –

(a) How to get maximum marks in class – XII ?

(b) How will you prepare for Joint Entrance Examination on  7- April  – 2012?

(When last CBSE board exam will be around 26th March.)

(c) Do you need to prepare Early for the Competitive exmas. ?

(d) Your Board Exams preparations are up to mark ?

“Only Right Decision  at Right Time can take you a PERFECT  DESINATION”