In today’s competitive world  where everyone is running after success  people find it difficult to understand what they should do to get on the top. Many children with great potential often face failures. The main reason behind this is the improper  management of one’s time and capabilities.

               A great poet once very beautifully quoted,

“ Spring is past , summer has gone and spring is here again, and the song that I meant to sing remains unsung.”

So , we can’t get success until we realize the need of time management and apply it in our daily routine . Time management  is  basically   a very vast concept . But for our young generations , the most important lesson is to prepare a time schedule of their day . Every thing that happens in a day should be properly planned before hand.

Firstly , a student should prepare a list of priorities & his weak & strong points . All these things should be given a place in their time table accordingly . Student should also take care to add regular breaks between their study hours & must include outdoor activities in their daily schedule. Proper diet and nutrition should  be strictly taken care of these activities . We must never forget to spare sometime to worship. We should start each day with a short prayer and thank God at the end of each day for his blessings.

Other then these things , students should also be equally aware of outside world. Everyone should go through newspapers as they are an ocean of knowledge . English communication  is also a very important aspect required for success.

We  should recognize our possibilities and strive achieve the best along with  our mental development personality development should never be neglected . All these small yet important  activities should be a part of our schedule.

Time is our best friend as well as our worst enemy .We need to choose what we think of it. Proper  management of time makes life disciplined and easygoing. A little bit of struggle in the beginning can be very fruitful  for  the future.

Summing up I just want to say


                             BUT THE VIEW  IS GREAT”


     Ms. Geetanjli Grover

Principal – Bright scholar School , sonepat.


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