CLASS XI & XII – HIGHLY IMPORTANT NOTICE – 40% weightage for Class 12 Marks and 60% for aptitude test , IIT JEE and AIEEE replaced from 2013

In a big shock to students who are preparing for IIT JEE joining coaching centers and joining dummy schools for their class 12, HRD Ministry has announced that common aptitude-cum-advanced knowledge test will replace the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) in 2013 and the bigger shock is that 40% weight-age is given to class 12 marks.


The NIT Council and IIT’s have approved this proposal and are going to make a formal announcement at a meeting of the Joint Admission Board (JAB) on February 18.”The common entrance exam will have two elements — simple aptitude testing to assess scholastic levels, and an advanced section which a student can choose to either continue with or skip” Said an official as quoted on Indian Express.

Reportedly as planned earlier Common Engineering Test will not be implemented for all the 15 Lakh Engineering colleges but only the central funded institutions, i.e, 15 IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), 30 NITs (National Institutes of Technology), 4 IIITs (Indian Institutes of Information Technology), IISERs (Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research) and a few deemed universities will be having a common engineering entrance test from year 2013.




Dear Students It is Last month is Almost arrived. It is the last time to review & increase Your performance. Check Your Pre Board results , Review your Preparations , Because it is the only time when you can work for improving your marks & performance ….After March month you cant do any thing to increase your Marks. What you Prepare now will be with you life long.
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Not Last Step but 1st Step….


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Some of you might be thinking to be a dropper next  year ( For preparation of IIT-JEE , AIPMT etc. ) , But remember Next year Marks of class XII boards exam will have their about 1/3 rd role in deciding the merit list .

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Appearing for IIT JEE 2013 or later ? consider seriously………

Earlier IIT Council with HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has approved T.Ramaswamy’s recommendations on having a single SAT like entrance test for all the engineering colleges in the country and giving weight-age to Class 12 marks for admissions into the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology , then later NIT’s also approved the same.

Though scrapping the old format format for IIT JEE has become almost certain students are still joining coaching classes and not concentrating on their school performance. Here are few things to consider if you seriously want to get into IIT’s in 2013 entrance or later.

School Performance :

School overall exam performance is going to play a key role in your engineering admissions , if we assume the weight-age given on the lower side is 20% ,even if you perform well in entrance examination and don’t have good 12 Marks , you will have very less chance to get into old IIT’s .

Reasoning :

T. Ramaswamy panel has suggested a SAT like entrance test for admissions into IIT’s but this entrance exam will most probably include reasoning, Math, Physics and Chemistry. So reasoning is something you will also need to improve to score higher in the examination.

Is your Coaching Institute guiding you the right way :

Has your coaching classes warned you of the changes that are most probably going to be brought in IIT JEE ? If not , probably they are trying to hide this fact from you.Please ensure that your coaching Institute is guiding you the right way.

The decision on the exact details on how T.Ramaswamy’s recommendations will be implemented will be done soon in a meeting to be held in January, but be wary of the fact that there are sure going to be some significant changes in the examination format.