Defeat your fears!!

Some times you might have thought that what you aspire for ,didn’t happen !You worked hard , 24 x 7 , but didn’t get what you expect !

You tried many ways for success , but didn’t find any path of success!

Seeing other people who are less efficient than you , getting more than you !

Many times this happens with many of hard working guys. I saw many of my students suffering from this trauma . 

Tell me , ever you saw sun is doing efforts for its identity ?

Ever sky needs any recognition for its height ?

Did Sea make any noise for his depth?

I am sure you all know the answer is no ….. Never ….. Ever !!!!

So for what you all underestimate your efforts . You may lack recognition now but it never means that you will remain un- noticed for ever.

In my opinion keep on working , hard working. Your Rays will automatically define your height .

Attitude matters. What you are doing and how you are doing decide the length of the time for which you can retain your success . Work to win ….not to defeat . 

Defeat your fears , raise your voice and have a firm belief in nature. Our Nature has a rule …. Nothing can remain un-noticed who can make difference .

Modify your ways of working . Instead of changing your path , change your attitude.


Real story – Value of education ..

A real incident I want to share with all of you -A had a talk with one person recently . His family was very well doing in past . But after the demise of his father , his business was badly affected . The person was not much educated . He was not able to revive his business , and now he sold his house and is very low in terms of money . 

He was not much educated to start another business or to get a good job . 

Now a days he is working as assistant in a store . 

In a very sorrow mood , he requested me to educate his child at low cost .

He told me that he just wanna educate his child ,so that he should not face such situation in his life ….

” The person understand the value of education more than any one else , but so late ”

… Friends , remember this is the education , which always helps us in our hard time , education makes us independent . It is the only tool by which we can make life comfortable .

Reward Based parenting..

Today I encounter a parent , highly living towards his kid , ready to give all the things which he can purchase by money . Father has good business , so loving . He told to his boy , enjoy the life ….do whatever you want . Studies are at the 3rd – 4th priorities for him .

What do you think , is this a good kind of parenting ? …
In my views , this over possessive nature of parenting will make his kid handicapped for his entire life in terms of development .
A parent should listen Their child , simultaneously child should be encouraged for earning the luxuries.
A child can be prompted for hard work by offering any suitable reward , may be in terms of A trip , a gift etc.
I recommend to give them lots of love , your time but , not excess of money .
Support them but never make them handicap for life.