PICS EDUPLEX … The Education Multiplex !!!


 Freedom of learning

We are proud to introduce our video lecture hub i.e. PICS EDUPLEX.

At PICS EDUPLEX ( The Education Multiplex ) , we aim to enable quality education for all , above geographical boundries. Now a student can sit anywhere , any time and can prepare for 11th , 12th , CBSE , state boards , IIT-JEE , AIPMT , NDA , NTSE , NSTSE & KVPY examinations , with the help of pre recorded video lectures , self-study material & self – assessment tools ( Test series ).

Well prepeared Video lectures are as good as Teacher him self.

Objectives of PICS – EDUPLEX

  1. Easy to access anytime-With video lectures, Students can learn anywhere from their mobile devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  2. Learn whenever you want –Students enjoy the process of learning whenever they want.
  3. Learning at an individual pace– Every teacher knows that each student has his own pace of learning. With video lectures, all students can learn at their own individual pace, which will maximize the results of e-Learning.
  4. Many ways to use-Students Can use video lecture as (a) Fresh learning (b) Revision
  5. Freedom of learning – A student can see , pause as well as rewind these lecture as many time as he can.
  6. More effective learning– If a student happens to miss one of your lectures, you can send him the link to the lecture video (or simply make regular posts on your blog or website for all students to access at their convenience). This allows all your students to keep up with the curriculum.
  7. Opportunity for self-study– In your interactive video lecture, you can refer to more useful materials and resources for self-study.

“Education Any time”

“Education at child own speed”

“Revision as much as you need”

“Free education for young enthusiastic students for NTSE , NSTSE and KVPY exams”

How a student can use PICS EDUPLEX  ?

  1. Full use of video lecture at our center only .
  2. Free for class 9th and class 10 students for specific days by registration only.

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our YouTube channel – pics4iit

Our Facebook page – PICSedusolutions