Preparations For Board Examinations

Dear Students ,

Till now most of you either met with your Pre board exams or are about to face them.

Don’t worry , but make your game plan to for these exams .

Try to understand following  –

(a)How much you Know about the subject?

(b)How much days are left for your exams?

(c)Do you really want success in these examinations or simply wish to have ?

If your answer is in favour of these exams than try to make your game plan by considering following –

(1)Try to take tips from your teachers regarding –

a. Minimum syllabus to get 70% marks.

b. Get evaluated  yourself from your teachers. (Never try to evaluate yourself by You , it can make you over confident or under confident)

c. Make a minimum content  based schedule for the preparations subject wise.

d. Try to prepare at least for 2 marks for  each subject daily.

e. Get enrolled yourself In a TEST SERIES to have continuous check  on your preparations.

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