Key updates for teachers to increase their market demand….


With new changes coming up in education sector, the job profile of a teacher is also changing. Teachers of today are required to be adept with the latest teaching technology, to pass on the knowledge to their students. Also, as students are becoming more informed, it has become imperative for teachers to keep themselves updated. Below are the top 5 skills, which teachers of today have to imbibe in them, in order to sustain in the education sector and increase their demand.


Embrace technology

This might seem to the most obvious thing, and many teachers will say that they have already done this years ago, but it’s actually not that easy. Teachers should have full knowledge of at least MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MSExcel. Also, they should know how to open and operate their email accounts. Though this seems to be easy, but this is one such skill, which has become necessarily now.

We have to acknowledge the fact that almost everything is our life has an online element in it. And so is our work and career prospects. As the education sector is rapidly involving technology, it’s better for teachers to adapt it. Whether it’s finding your next career move, or updating yourself on the subject, you should know how to leverage the technology.


Create brand and goodwill

We have discussed this point in many posts, and will repeat it here. The only thing that will take you ahead of the competition is your own brand. Therefore, as a teacher, you should try to become the best teacher in your particular subject. Branding is not a new thing. In our school and college days, we all wished to study from some specific teachers. In order to become that special teacher today, you will have to understand the news ways of teaching, which are student friendly. Also, always try to improve your teaching pedagogy continuously. Further, do remember that you know more than your students, and you can do this by keeping yourself updated.


Do networking

Networking always plays an important role in career growth. Do meet your peers and ex–colleagues at other schools to understand what they are doing. If you find demand for any particular skill in the market, then do develop that skill. Also, get in touch with other teachers through various social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to check if there are any opportunities of your interest.

It’s always better to be in touch with your previous employers and specially colleagues. It will help you increase your network and career opportunities. If you maintain your profile on LinkedIn then do ask your previous bosses to recommend you. Also, have the names of your ex–colleagues on your resume for reference check, as it gives credibility to your candidature.


Work with other brands

It’s better to have big brands on your resume for career growth. If you are working with a big school, then do mention it in headings of your resume or online profiles. If in case your employer is not a well–known school, then try to find opportunities of attending workshops and seminars in major schools and highlight them. Attending these seminars will also help you to present yourself to these schools.


Promote your specialization

Once you have developed the required skills, it’s very important to exhibit them. If you are maintaining your LinkedIn profile then do mention your skills under the “Skills & Expertise” tab. Also, in your resume and job portals, highlight your achievements and skills explicitly, so that recruiters searching explicitly for these skills, connect to you. If you think you have not done anything extraordinary, then do mention whatever you as your accomplishments. Do remember it’s always better to mention even minor achievements, than nothing at all.