Preparation Of EXAMS……



Dear students ..

Today is 21st of February , Exam time . Take care about following –
1.First keep in your thoughts that you can do better than ever.
2.Ty to take 5 hrs. sleep in night & 1hr in noon.
3.Try to extend night study hrs.
4.Prepare content wise, dont see how many hrs. you spent but see how much you need to prepare .
5. Try to eat Raw vegetables as salad , this will keep you fresh & remove lazzzyyy nesss..
6.Eat more vegetables & fruits.
7.Get Instant help of your teachers in case of any difficulty.

Remember It is the only you who can help you. It is the you who have to face the exams. Many are their to share the credit of your success but no one will be their to take the responsibility of failure.
Good luck my Dear students.