Rights through Riots 

  “Rights through Riots “Transporter strike …. Strike ….strike only strike …. 

This is democracy ….everybody has rights to go on strike .

Every one wants his/her rights through riots .

Nobody wants to perform his/her duties …. No concern with the sufferings of others …. No concern with public properties … Only strike …. Strike ….and strikes.
Government on the other hand leaves the country in the hands of these strikers …. Remember …

.”सही फ़ैसल भी ग़लत साबित हो जाता है , अगर सही वक़्त पर ना लिया जाये ”
A young boy from Gujarat ,who is under age for such activity boldly announced dandi March .Because no one is going to take responsibility of other’s suffering .Neither government and administration is in hurry to fix responsibility of such act. 

This is only due to the inefficient education system of our country . Government made policy , not to fail a student till class 8th. Till the age of 14 year we all know a child learn most of the essential emotions of life and use them for his entire life . 

Our education system is not producing fighters , fighters of situations , this system is producing gainers only . Emotionally unstable children , who can’t analyse situation in his/her own ways. They are always dependent on other views , they are sailed by wind not by their attitude. 

Subsidies is good but , only where it is needed. In medicines govt is not doing much for life saving medicines , but subsidise electricity even for those who never deserve it. 

These political game are making robots in our country , which are directed by lucrative offers by others.

“Strike shouldn’t strike other people, it should strike only bad policies ”