Foundation Course For Class – 9th & 10th – PICS INSTITUTE

PICS INSTITUTE is Announcing  FOUNDATION COURSE  for class 9th and 10th from 1st JUNE 2013.

The Main Objectives of FOUNDATION COURSES are –

1.Start Early Beat Effectively – Our Motto of Foundation course.

2.Most of the students suffers from Time deficiency syndrome, which must be cured well in time for Preparations for Engineering and

Medical entrance examinations.

3.This Course will help students for Increasing Their confidence in the subject of science & maths .

( which is must for Proper encouragement ) .

4. By appearing and performing Best in NTSE  , Science Olympiad Exams Etc. Student can acquire a Achieve approach.

5.Most of the students , about 93% can not get maximum Benefit from the coaching provided by Various coaching institute , But By

The foundation Course  A student can Increase his/her Performance more than 90% in school and competitive examinations.

foundation course


ADMISSION ANNOUNCEMENT for the session 2013-2014

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batch announcement



Be careful regarding the selection of stream…..



Students of coming class XI – select your stream by considering following –
a)What is Important for your future…Comfort of now or comfort for life.
b)You wanna be known as a self made person or a ready made …?
c)What will be the status of your study after 5 or 6 year from now?
d) do you afraid of Hard work…..or you are not capable…?
e)What is the scope of your chosen stream in Industry?
f)Do your selected stream will provide necessary luxury to your life?
g)What is the requirement of manpower in a company ?……It require only few expert of your chosen stream or a number of expert?
h)In our daily life technology is important or not?

Students should not ignore school exams for IIT JEE ………

MHRD minister finally succeeded in changing the pattern of IIT JEE, with IIT Council and state education ministers giving approval for the new nation wide common engineering entrance examination, which will be still called JEE.

Speaking at a function held at IIT Delhi  Kapil Sibal said “students do not get away from school scholastic system , an aberration has occurred between those who can afford to go for coaching for IIT-JEE and brilliant students who can’t afford to compete with them…As requested by the IITs, we are not changing the name of the examination. We will continue to call it the Joint Entrance Exam”.

Though the new pattern might not eliminate the need for coaching centers at the outset , it is very surprising to see that IIT JEE coaching centers around the country have already started advertising in papers for coaching of new pattern of Joint Entrance Examination.

to know if the new pattern of JEE is really going to reduce the burden on students , we will have to wait until the first implementation of the new exam.