This is high time for preparation  for examinations. This is the time full of confusion , fear  like –

1.should I prepare for my boards exams only ?

2. How can I prepare simultaneously for  my competitive exams ?

The intense  pressure on students mind can divert him from studies or this chaos drag him towards low grade performance.

Don’t get panic . Remember –

“In difficult situation don’t cry but try”

Follow these simple steps –

1. Try to find your weak & strong areas in studies.

2. Daily, prepare content wise time table for next day. You should give 45 mint at least for the revision of your strong topics & minimum 1:30 hr.  for  your weak topics.

3. Don’t ignore  any important subject . At least two of your important subjects should be covered daily .

4. Also try to study in night , because at that time no disturbance is there & concentration is on its   peak.

5. Student Should opt for regular tests  , in their  weak subject .This will help in built up of your confidence.

6.Try to eat vegetable salad  more & more this increase concentration & removes lazyness.

7.Regular revision is must for all subjects.

8. Last but not least , Never get overconfident in studies. Never think that you know complete about a subject but keep on trying for learning new things.



An inner fire is must for the addmission in IIT. Now days I generally see  that students now a days only talk about IIT etc. but never work for that .
Student use their energies in evaluting each other , their teachers ,their school etc., this simply is not going to matterialise any thing positive.
My dear students success is not in our words but is in our thought & in our action .
So , you must start work like winner , think like winner. IIT is not a hard target but is highly achivable target which require constant work , regular work,a positive approch .
Plan a work schdual.
Plan time table content wise .
Place a dream in your eyes.
Always think about achivement of your dream


(a) More number of friends of your ward can mislead or divert   your ward  from studies to other activities ,because more the number of heads , more will be the brains , more will be the thoughts , more will be the wastage of  time  & more will be the diversion from aim  . Only 1 – 2 friend may be helpful for healthy discussion & fruitful growth but that too under your  sharp  observations.

(b) Mobile phone can divert  your ward from studies & can lead to wastage of time .

Give mobile phone ( if cann’t be avoided )  to your ward when he / she requires i.e. when he/she is going out , but get  mobile phone back as soon as they return .

(c) Regular Interaction of parent & teacher  & that of  parent & child is must in order to check the progress of  their ward .A healthy interaction with child always motivate him in achieving his / her goal .

(d) Always keep a check on the outgoing time of your ward . He / she can waste his / her time in wasteful  interactions with others.

(e) Appreciate your child but don’t get over confident & don’t have blind faith in his / her .

(f) A child may not  be much career conscious as  a PARENT  & a TEACHER used to be, so plan care fully for your ward –

“ EFFECTIVE PLANNING  is not only your duty but it is also an investment for your child future “

(g) EXPERTS suggest following hrs. of self studies for various preparations –

(i) For IIT & PMT – at least 10 to 12 hrs. of intensive self study .

(ii) For AIEEE   – at least 8 to 10 hrs. of intensive self study .

(iii) For  Board & other examinations minimum 5 to 6 hrs of intensive self study.